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::: FALL 2004
::: ART 382

::: Mon & Wed 8:30am - 10:20pm ::: FA 112 ::: SANTIAGO ECHEVERRY

Course Objectives

This class will address the history and culture of Interactive creations through the study of various analog and digital forms of artistic expression. From Analog to digital, from linear to non-linear, from local to the web. We will study Flash and Director in order to understand the logic of interactivity.

Readings / requirements

Update permanently your website on the UMBC Server with every single project you create.

Readings will be distributed throughout the semester. Critiques will frequently be initiated from various topics covered in the readings. In order to participate effectively you will need to have read the required texts and be able to articulate your responses to them within the context of class discussion and critique.

Get your own USB mini storage card, such as SanDisks, memorysticks or others, get one that will be at least 256 MB. Students must have plenty of CD-R blank cds in order to store and transfer files. You can also use your own portable hard-drives or iPods, in case you have any.

You are also welcome to use your own laptops, please bring them to every class. Make sure you have an ethernet cable to connect to the network.

No email or chatting will be allowed during our sessions. All the cell phones should be silenced. NO EATING or DRINKING in the labs will be tolerated, unless it is required by a medical prescription.

No animals, persons or yourselves will be harmed during the production of your assignments and final project. Nothing can justify harming physically or psychologically a living creature - including yourselves. You are responsible for the respect of other students, and I count on your integrity for this.


A class is a multiway form of communication. I might be there as a teacher, but you are also there to make others understand, including me, other points of view. I am very open to a lot of proposals, and NO CENSORSHIP OR DISCRIMINATION will be tolerated or promoted. Consider the class as a brainstorming session. And please contact me during office hours, or send me an email, or give me a phone call so we can solve any problem before the class.

No animals, persons or yourselves will be harmed during the production of your assignments and final project. Nothing can justify harming physically or psychologically a living creature - including yourselves. You are responsible for the respect of other students, and I count on your integrity for this.


There will be several mini projects throughout the course, including papers, miniprojects, and others. Each one of them will be a part of the final 60% of the grading. If necessary I will do some pop quizes, depending on the students' participation and motivation, and depending on how certain classes work, I might add an extra work not listed in the syllabus. The final project will be 40% of the grade.


NO EXCUSES, more than 4 absences you will have the chance to withdraw the class - if allowed by the academic calendar - or you will get an F.
I really consider that punctuality and assistance are the most important parts of a class. If you miss a class, you will never be able to experience that class again. I use the word "experience" because not all the information given during the class can be put in paper, or even videotaped. Classes are a question of communication, and communication implies many different ways of exchanging information, the feeling, the laughters, the collective experience... An absence for any reason is an absence. It is your responsibility to initiate and maintain communication with me in case of an unusual circumstance."



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KATZ, HEATHER | hkatz1

KLINK. JAMES | james3


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WONG, MANDY | mwong1



A 100 > 90
B 89 > 75
C 74 > 55
D 54 > 40
F 39 > ...

WEEK Date Concept / Readings
1 Wed, Sep 01 Introduction - Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation of the students.

http://www.mztv.com/ / Tv museum

Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi Vs. Artificial Intelligence - Spielberg: what is a fairy tale? 3 page paper
Due on Monday Sep 13th.
2 Wed, Sep 08 Definition of MULTIMEDIALITY, Theatrum Mundi, Deus Ex Machinae, Theatrum Mundi, Vatel, Baroque concepts, Enlightenment century, Encyclopedia, Opera, Vaudeville. Evolution of structures. Cinema as time capturing element, evolution of the moving image: from chemical to electronic, from B/W to neuroimaging.

Christiane Paul | DIGITAL ART

3 Mon, Sep 13
Wed, Sep 15

From analog to digital. Television as the first decomposition of reality into measurable electric pulses, evolving into the base of digital control. The Scanner, decomposition in lines and pixels. The first PC, early artistic approaches to digital art. ASCII art. Realistic imaging Vs. vectorial creation. Vectorial animation via Flash MX, general concepts such as timeframe, layers, frame, keyframe, labels, tweening, symbols, instances, movie clips. Exporting and HTML embedding.

Generation Flash | Lev Manovich

Macromedia Flash Tutorial
HotWired: Animation Express

Analog ASCII art: each student has to present 3 pieces of analog ASCII art.

Due on Monday Sep 20th.
4 Mon, Sep 20
Wed, Sep 22
Analog ASCII Art Critique
Vectorial animation continued, presentation of Flash examples. Digital Sound, definition, properties, intro to compression. Flash and Sound, mp3

http://www.ubu.com/sound/sch.html / Schaeffer - Audio clips

1) Sound ART: Create a 60 second mix of music, sounds using AUDACITY, or any other available audio software, inspired by the Concrete Musicians. Compress it as AIFF or WAV and burn it on a CD as audio format

2) Flash Video Clip: Using your favorite song as a sound track, create your own personal linear video clip using flash.

Due on Monday Sep 27th.
5 Mon, Sep 27
Wed, Sep 29
Sound Art and Flash Video Clip Critique
Interactivity in Flash, buttons, scenes, Navigation. Non Linearity, Tarot example. Storytelling. Information architecture, navigation tree, workflow chart. Floating menus: TARGETS in Flash. Understanding targeting.

Interactive Fairy Tale project: Choose a classic fairy tale and give it your own non-linear twist, use your research paper on Pinocchio and AI as an inspiration for this project.

Due on Monday Oct 18th.
6 Mon, Oct 04
Wed, Oct 06
The incredible and useful movie clips. Examples.

Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm! | Paul Virilio

7 Mon, Oct 11
Wed, Oct 13
Fairy Tale workshop

8 Mon, Oct 18
Wed, Oct 20
Interactive Fairy Tale Critique

Introduction to Actionscripting, one frame animations. Interactivity. User Actions / Reactions. Properties, Modification of Movie Clip Properties.
Actionscript experiments: play with Flash and create one frame animations using _root, onEnterFrame, onMouseMove, onMouseUp, OnMouseDown, to alter the properties of different movie clips ( _x, _y, _width, _height, _alpha, _rotation ... )

Due on Monday Oct 25th
9 Mon, Oct 25
Wed, Oct 27
Understanding Variables, _global.variables, Math.functions(). Conditions, cases and repeat loops. Definitions and examples. More object properties in Flash MX.

Variable/Conditions/Loop movie : apply the concepts of local/global variables, repeat loops and conditions to a practice project.

Due on Monday Nov 1st
10 Mon, Nov 01
Wed, Nov 03
movie_clip.attachMovie - swf + non progressive jpgs. loadMovie . ARRAYS! Lists and the power of storing information. Databases.
Definition + examples

The Array Movie: use arrays in order to create a photo / swf (audio/visual) album. Randomize possibilities.

Due on Monday Nov 8th
11 Mon, Nov 08
Wed, Nov 10
Microphone and Camera Objects. Digital Video, definition, characteristics, compressions, weight, examples. From NTSC to QT, from 4/3 to 16/9, from low Res to Hi Res. Flash + Digital Video = Interactive Video! Importing, compressing, understanding and decomposing into scenes, basic control. Floating menus and controllers fo video.
Emergency Broadcast Network

Apple Quicktime
About Quicktime
Quicktime history
The future of Digital Video

Interactive Video Project: experiment with video capturing, editing and import it into flash. Decompose a basic narration into scenes. Create an interactive navigation. Open topic. HAVE FUN!

Due on Monday Nov 15th
12 Mon, Nov 15
Wed, Nov 17
Interactive Video Project Critique
Steve Mann
Bob Flanagan
Leigh Bowery

Whose Body? Ethics and Experiment
in Performance Art
| Dr Jane Goodall

CYBORG Project: Create a Flash MX Project involving interactive video and audio where you will transform your own image interactively in the way these artists transform theirs: Stelarc, Orlan, Steve Mann and Bob Flanagan. Have the reading of Dr. Goodall in mind.

Due on Wednesday Dec 1st
13 Mon, Nov 22
Wed, Nov 24
Cyborg Project Workshop / ThanksGiving  
14 Mon, Nov 29
Wed, Dec 01
Cyborg Project Q&A

Cyborg Project Critique
15 Mon, Dec 06
Wed, Dec 08
Final Project Presentation: each student must present the navigation tree, the interactive story board of one scene of the project, a written description ( 2 pages minimum) stating the goals, the methods, and the reasons why he/she/it is interested in developing this project. NO PORTFOLIOS ALLOWED. Public presentation of Final project ideas with timeline and workflow, open topic. The Final project must be in FLASH MX, involving interactive video/sound, conditionnals, variables, loops, animation, text, flawless navigation structure.

Due Mon Dec 20th
16 Mon, Dec 13
Final project workshop
17 Mon, Dec 20

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