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::: SUMMER 2005
::: ART 388

::: TUE & THU 1:00pm - 3:20pm ::: FA 112 ::: SANTIAGO ECHEVERRY

Course Objectives

This class will address the history and culture of the Internet and explore the World Wide Web as an artists' domain for publication and expressive creation. Special emphasis will be placed upon defining the differences between client side and server side creations, and how these affect the content that can be provided by an artist. It will also emphasize on the evolution of multimedia into hypermedia, through the usage of client/server tools, web services and programming languages.

Readings / Requirements

Update permanently your website on the UMBC Server with every single project you create.

Readings will be distributed throughout the semester. Critiques will frequently be initiated from various topics covered in the readings. In order to participate effectively you will need to have read the required texts and be able to articulate your responses to them within the context of class discussion and critique.

Get your own USB mini storage card, such as SanDisks, memorysticks or others, get one that will be at least 256 MB. Students must have plenty of CD-R blank cds in order to store and transfer files. You can also use your own portable hard-drives or iPods, in case you have any.

You are also welcome to use your own laptops, please bring them to every class. Make sure you have an ethernet cable to connect to the network.

No email or chatting will be allowed during our sessions. All the cell phones should be silenced. NO EATING or DRINKING in the labs will be tolerated, unless it is required by a medical prescription.

No animals, persons or yourselves will be harmed during the production of your assignments and final project. Nothing can justify harming physically or psychologically a living creature - including yourselves. You are responsible for the respect of other students, and I count on your integrity for this.


A class is a multiway form of communication. I might be there as a teacher, but you are also there to make others understand, including me, other points of view. I am very open to a lot of proposals, and NO CENSORSHIP OR DISCRIMINATION will be tolerated or promoted. Consider the class as a brainstorming session. And please contact me during office hours, or send me an email, or give me a phone call so we can solve any problem before the class.


There will be several mini projects throughout the course, including papers, miniprojects, and others. Each one of them will be a part of the final 80% of the grading. If necessary I will do some pop quizes, depending on the students' participation and motivation, and depending on how certain classes work, I might add an extra work not listed in the syllabus. The final project will be 20% of the grade.


NO EXCUSES, more than 4 absences you will have the chance to withdraw the class - if allowed by the academic calendar - or you will get an F.
I really consider that punctuality and assistance are the most important parts of a class. If you miss a class, you will never be able to experience that class again. I use the word "experience" because not all the information given during the class can be put in paper, or even videotaped. Classes are a question of communication, and communication implies many different ways of exchanging information, the feeling, the laughters, the collective experience... An absence for any reason is an absence. It is your responsibility to initiate and maintain communication with me in case of an unusual circumstance."


CAO, JOHN jcao1
CLARK, AARON J. aaronc1
HSU, ANDY C. andyhsu1
LEWIS, ERIKA C. elewi1

A 100 > 90
B 89 > 75
C 74 > 55
D 54 > 40
F 39 > ...

CLASS Date Description
1 Tue May 31 Introduction - Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation of the students. Evolution of electronic elements in their sociopolitical environment: Century of Lights, Industrial Revolution, XXth Century. Telegraph, Telephone, Wireless CB, Radio, and Television. Readings:
History of the Internet, Internet for Historians
Personal computer milestones
Rachel Greene | INTERNET ART
2 Thu Jun 02 VACUUM TUBES, ENIAC, From analog to digital. 1/0 . BIT/BYTE. Transistors. The first computers.. ASCII Art. History of the web from cold war paranoia to homeland security. Arpanet, Evolution of the web. Definition of CLIENT/ SERVER side. Applications and examples. TEXT as the base for all Internet creation. SSH, SFTP, FUGU, Fetch, FTP. Basic HTML, structure, theory, open source. More Basic HTML, definitions, syntax, examples, text coding, browser particularities. CSS: Fonts, sizes, colors. Images.

Digital ASCII art: each student has to present 3 pieces of digital ASCII art, both printed and on their website. Due Tuesday June 07.


3 Tue Jun 07 Digital Ascii Art Critique
Advanced HTML: display of information, CSS, font control

Cascading Style Sheets

Using strict XHTML+CSS, transform your original digital ascii creations into interactive css creations, or if you prefer, you can create at least 3 new ascii projects
Due Thursday June 09
4 Thu Jun 09 Digital Ascii Art to CSS Critique
Divisions, tables, images, transparent gifs, absolute and relative positioning

Visual Poem Project: transform your favorite poem/text ( at least 20 lines ) into a visual html project, using basic CSS, images, tables, fonts, colors
Due Tuesday June 14

5 Tue Jun 14 Visual Poem Critique
Advanced HTML: Iframes/frames. Advantages and disadvantages. Embedding Applets, SWF, DCR, QT movs. Sounds and animation.


Using XHTML/CSS and any editor of your choice, create your own extended family tree, using frames, images, sounds, animations. You will show all the relations between the different members of your extended family. embed at least one applet ( dcr, swf, mov... ) . Due Tuesday June 21

6 Thu Jun 16 XHTML DTDs, examples, definition, design, pre-production. Applied XHTML

7 Tue Jun 21 Extended Family Tree Project Critique
Client side programming for the web. Javascript: DHTML


Create a mini site that will explore the possibilties of Dynamic HTML, rollovers, motion, alteration of content, resizing, randomness, etc... - Open topic. HAVE FUN!
Due Thursday June 23

8 Thu Jun 23 DHTML Project Critique
Javascript. notions of variables, functions, usage, examples: form verifications, random images, time and date. DHTML

Create a quiz or a game, using DHTML, XHTML and Javascript
Due Thursday June 30
9 Tue Jun 28 DHTML applications. Javascript. Form verification via JS.
10 Thu Jun 30 Game Project Critique
Server side programming / includes. SECURITY ISSUES on the Server. Handling information via PHP -

11 Tue Jul 05 PHP Syntax and examples, $_GET and $_POST. PHP exercises 1, hidden buttons in forms, dynamic display. PHP and Databases, Understanding DBs, example of tab delimited text db.


1) Activate a webmail form in your website.

2) Create your own personal BLOG. Use it!

Due Monday Apr 25th
12 Tue Jul 07 PHP Syntax and examples, functions, Server Side Includes
Community project: create a mini site where a specific target community will be able to exchange information about any given topic of their interest, using XHTML, JS and PHP.
Due Monday May 09th
13 Tue Jul 12 Blog / Email presentation
PHP Structure, templates, organization.
Community Project Workshop.
14 Tue Jul 14 Dynamic PHP, web services, XML, wireless connectivity, real interactivity, DataBases.


Public presentation of Final project ideas with timeline and workflow, open topic. The Final project must be a server side based website, including XHTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP/MySQL. Open topic! NO PORTFOLIOS.
15 Thu Jul 16
16 Tue Jul 21 FINAL PROJECTS: Community Project Presentation

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