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ART410 | Special Topics in Interactive Arts | Spring 2006
CAS 123 | 01/17/06 - 05/05/06 | Mon: 4:00 - 6:00PM

secheverry at | BAS 131 | 813 - 253 3333 x 3769
Office hours by appointment only: Tue / Thu 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Week Description   Assignments
1 - 01/17 Basic HTML, structure, theory, open source. More Basic HTML, definitions, syntax, examples, text coding, browser particularities. CSS: Fonts, sizes, colors. Images. Digital ASCII art: each student has to present 3 pieces of digital ASCII art, both printed and on their website.


2 - 01/24

Advanced HTML: display of information, CSS, font control

Cascading Style Sheets

Using strict XHTML+CSS, transform your original digital ascii creations into interactive css creations, or if you prefer, you can create at least 3 new ascii projects
3 - 01/30
Divisions, tables, images, transparent gifs, absolute and relative positioning

Visual Poem Project: transform your favorite poem/text ( at least 20 lines ) into a visual html project, using basic CSS, images, tables, fonts, colors
4 - 02/07
Advanced HTML: Iframes/frames. Advantages and disadvantages. Embedding Applets, SWF, DCR, QT movs. Sounds and animation.
Using XHTML/CSS and any editor of your choice, create your own extended family tree, using frames, images, sounds, animations. You will show all the relations between the different members of your extended family. embed at least one applet ( dcr, swf, mov... )
5 - 02/14

XHTML DTDs, examples, definition, design, pre-production. Applied XHTML
6 - 02/21

Client side programming for the web. Javascript: DHTML


Create a quiz or a game, using DHTML, XHTML and Javascript - due after spring break.

7 - 02/30

DHTML applications. Javascript. Form verification via JS.


8 - 03/14 Server side programming / includes. SECURITY ISSUES on the Server. Handling information via PHP

9 - 03/21
PHP Syntax and examples, $_GET and $_POST. PHP exercises 1, hidden buttons in forms, dynamic display. PHP and Databases, Understanding DBs, example of tab delimited text db.
  1) Activate a webmail form in your website.

2) Create your own personal BLOG. Use it!
10 - 03/28

PHP Syntax and examples, functions, Server Side Includes. PHP Structure, templates, organization. MySQL!

Community project: create a mini site where a specific target community will be able to exchange information about any given topic of their interest, using XHTML, JS and PHP.

11 - 04/04 Dynamic PHP, web services, XML, wireless connectivity, real interactivity, DataBases.

• Public presentation of Final project ideas with timeline and workflow, open topic. The Final project must be a server side based website, designed in XHTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP/MySQL. Open topic! NO PORTFOLIOS.
12 - 04/11 WORKSHOP

13 - 04/18


14 - 04/25 WORKSHOP

15 - 05/02