ART310 | Advanced DIGITAL ARTS | Spring 2011 | PRE-REQUISITE: ART210

CAS 134 | Section H | Tue - Thu: 2:00 - 4:20PM

secheverry at | CAS Annex 112 | 813 - 813 257 3769 | Office hours by appointment only
Week Description   Assignments
1 – FLASH 1 Animation tools in Flash CS5.5, Timeline, Shape tweens, Masks, notion of time in Animation, basic audio synchronization. Vectorized Text, Shape Hints.   • Create 10 practice movies exploring Shape Tweens (not graded )
• Choose your favorite painting and transform it into an animated scene: 30 seconds minimum, 15fps.
2 – FLASH 2 Movie Clips, Classic vs Motion Tweens. Masks, animated Masks. Buttons, audio feed back, Interactivity Layers. Understanding the USER   • The Annoying Noise Machine
Reading: The Design of Everyday Things / Understanding Comics
3 – FLASH 3 Advanced Animation techniques, Typography, visual effects
  • Kinetic Typography: min 30 secs, max 90 secs anim (excluding credits), 30fps, 720x480px

Advanced animation techniques. Movie Clips, Paths, Masks
• Creep / Radiohead

• HotWired: Animation Express
4 – FLASH 4 Pre-production of hypermedia,scripting, storyboarding. Fragmentation of information, non-linearity, Lev Kuleshov   • Interactive fairy tale project (due in two weeks) Create a visual interactive narration in the form of a Fairy Tale.
Watch: Pan's Labyrinth. Kuleshov Effect
5 - AS3 1
Introduction to Programming using Actionscript. Types of variables, boolean, integer, float, numeric, alpha, arrays.
Your manual and tutorial guide

Create at least 10 practice movies exploring the possibilities of variables. Explore the possibilities of Juxtaposition Vs. Addition, and combine different types of
6 -AS3 2

Basics of programming, structures, functions. ARRAYS, understanding list. Conditionals, basic functions. Dynamic text Fields in Flash
  More practice movies to be announced.
7 - AS3 3

Creating and controlling dynamically created movie clips in Flash . Drawing basic shapes, color control. Repeat loops, conditionnals.

Draw an entire landscape using nothing but code
Flash Documentation
Macromedia Flash Tutorials
Flash Learning Center
8 - AS3 4
Timeline scritpting Vs. External scripting. Pros and cons.

Create a series of practice movies exploring the differences between timeline and external scripting. What are your impressions? Which one do you prefer? Classes / Movie clip classes
9 - AS3 5
Timeline animation vs. math animation. Manipulation, class assignment, dynamically added visual and aural elements on the stage.

• Create a series of practice movies where you will alter the properties of Movie Clips - width, height, x, y, alpha, rotation, etc - using variables, functions, repeat loops and conditionnals.

10 - AS3 6

Applied mathematic formulas, understanding chaos. Parent/Child programming

Math Nightmare Project: Use MATH formulas to transform Movie Clips on the stage, be creative and face your fear of numbers >:-)
WebWasp tutorials
11 - AS3 7
Loading JPG / SWF / DATA into Movie Clips. Notion of Data Bases. Interaction with Javascript. XML.   • create your own swf album loading dynamically your files locally or from a server using XML / php+mySql
12 - AS3 8
Controlling video and audio in Flash. FLV vs SWF, streaming vs pre-loading

• create a video-autoscopy experimenting with interactive video and audio.
Flash and the Web. Design for Motion Graphics. Dynamic menus and Interaction Design .
  Choose a poorly designed web site existing on the web and radically redesign it using a Flash interface. Explain why did you consider it was poorly designed and how different your site is from the original.

Explore Kinetic Typography and produce a 30 second project that studies the nature of moving fonts.

16 - INTERACTIVITY WORKSHOP   FINAL PROJECT: Create an interactive project that explores your biggest passion. It must integrate interactivity, video, audio, animation, user interaction and a correct and complete interaction cycle.


TUESDAY DEC 13th / 1.30 - 3.30PM / CAS 134 exams