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BAS 123 | 08/23/08 - 12/12/08

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Week Description Assignments Multimedia / Readings
Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation and statistics of the students.

Early History of Multimedia. Oral Tradition, Text, / Aristotle’s Poetics / Greek Theater / Roman Circus / Middle Ages: Architecture and life / Religious vs. Pagan performance.Renaissance / / Economics / 1492 / Gutenberg Print // Baroque = America's gold / theatrum  mundi + deus ex machina / Baroque Opera / Control of Nature

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Farinelli – Gérard Corbiau / Vatel – Roland Joffé / Monteverdi’s Orpheus

CDs: Lully - Atys ~ by Jean-Baptiste Lully, William Christie, Les Arts Florissants / Médée, Charpentier, Les Arts Florissants

Opera: from Mozart to Wagner, evolution of an elitist expression of art

Go to the MacDonald Kelce Library, watch at least an entire Act of any of their available Operas in DVD or VHS and write a three page paper with your comments and your feelings about this experience. Which Opera? Who is the stage director? the musical director? the main performers? Is this your first Opera? Did you like it? Why yes or no? And the most important aspect, HOW IS TECHNOLOGY used in this particular production? Use the assignments tab in BB to submit your .DOC paper.

Movies: Amadeus – Milos Forman / ARIA – Robert Altman and others / Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen - Patrice Chéreau - Pierre Boulez, Bayreuth Festival (Complete Ring Cycle) DVD (2000) / Don Giovanni – Karajan / Le Nozze di Figaro – Peter Sellars.

Popular entertainment: Vaudeville, burlesque, cabaret => Broadway

  Movies: Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt – Walter Ruttman / Chaplin – Richard Attenborough / Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – Robert Aldrich / Broadway, the American Musical – Michael Kantor

From photos to film: time based media
Muybridge / Edison / Lumière / Méliès / Eisenstein / Griffith

Evolution of film in the 20th century
BW -> Animation -> Sound -> Color -> Stereoscopy -> big format

Go to a thrift store and purchase an old book that you will use to create your own flip page animation. At least 200 pages. Open topic.

PBS: History of Photography
Read: New Media in Art (NMA): Introduction
Movies: Landmarks of Early Film Vols 1 and 2 / Battleship Potiomkin – Eisenstein / Intolerance – Griffith

Movies: La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc – Carl Dreyer / Metropolis – Fritz Lang / The Jazz Singer – Alan Crossland / The Blue Angel – Joseph Von Sternberg / Casablanca – Michael Curtiz / Wizard of Oz – Victor Fleming / Gone with the wind – Victor Fleming / Singing in the Rain – Stanley Donen / The birds – Hitchcock / Citizen Kane – Orson Welles etc….

Electronics in the audiovisual world
From the battery to the microchip / train -> pony express -> telegraph -> telephone -> civil band -> radio -> mechanical tv -> television -> magnetic recording / video tape + CD + DVD -> cable <-> satelite


Movies: Radio Days – Woody Allen / Original recording of “War of the worlds” by Orson Welles / Early days of TV



Binary world
Abacus / Kipus / Encryption / Rosetta stone / Torah , Talmud, Kabalah / Morse code / binary conversion / vacuum  tubes / eniac / transistors / chips / evolution of computers into networked environments / Arpanet / Internet / Computing environments /

Create a work of art using the notion of "Grid Art". More details to be given in class
Movies: The Triumph of the Nerds

History of Computing Science by Michelle A. Hoyle


Artists and Technology 1900 - 1960
Duchamp, DADA, Hugo Ball, FUTURISM, SURREALISM, BAUHAUS, Abstract Expressionism, Beatniks, Jack Kerouac #2 #3, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, POP, Warhol #2 Warhol Stars TDK, Yves Klein

Using a Xerox machine, photocopy parts of yourself and create a 2D and/or 3D work of art inspired by any of the Art Movements seen in class. At least 2feet x 3feet

Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Picabia, Tzara..... Movies: Un chien andalou – Luis Buñuel / Lichtspiel: Schwartz-Weiß-Grau – Laszlo Moholy-Nagy /


Performance Art, Media and New Technologies
Viennese Actionists, FLUXUS, Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman #2 #3, John Cage #2 #3 #4 Joseph Beuys #2, Gilbert and George #1#2 #3 #4 #5,, Orlan, Stelarc #2 #3 obsolete body, Butoh Sankai Juku #2 #3 Ko Murobushi #2 Kazuo Ohno #2 Carlotta Ikeda, Bob Flanagan, Laurie Anderson #1 #2 Leigh Bowery, Steve Mann, Klaus Nomi, Squat theater, Wooster Group WooTube, John Jessurun, #2 Robert Wilson, Troika Ranch #2 ...

Inspired by ANY of the artists mentioned in class, create a 3 minute maximum performance art piece that reflects your relationship to technology. These performances will be presented in the Scarfone Gallery

NMA: Chapter 1
New Media
The Human Canvas #2

Video, Installation, Video Art and New Media, Nam June Paik, Jim Campbell, Bill Viola, David Hall, Pippilotti Rist, Ryan Trecartin, Gary Hill, Peter Campus, The Residents

Create your own 1 minute video art / video installation piece with any available tools at hand ( DV Cams, Cell Cams, VHS tapes, DVDs, webcams etc...) Be ready to present your works in two weeks NMA: Chapters 2 and 3

Electronic Music
Stockhausen #2, Ligeti #1, Varèse, Xenakis, Synthesizer #2 #3, Moog #2, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Genesis P.Orridge Interview Brian Eno, Satisfaction: RS / DEVO / BB , DEVO 2, Kraftwerk, Pop Corn, Donna Summer, Depeche Mode / Nouvelle Vague, Soft Cell Levi's, Gary Numan, Fad Gadget, Pulp, Erasure / ABBA, PSP, Einstürzende Neubauten, Cabaret Voltaire, Joy Division / New Order (Philippe Decouflé), Stone Roses, J&M Chain, Stereolab,
Miss Kittin Felix Da Housecat, Ladytron #2,Underworld Fluke EBTG , Massive Attack, Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Sidestepper, Chobquibtown #2, Gaiteros, Robert Miles, Delerium, Radiohead 3d, DeadMau5 #2, Infected Mushroom, Gorecki

Feel free to incorporate your own audio track to your video art piece. Explore whichever available audio tools you have at hand. Be resourceful.
Modulations / La Legende d'Eer / Cabaret Voltaire / Thursday Afternoon

2D/3D Animation
Disney, Norman Mac Laren, Brothers Quay, evolution of computer animation, Tron, Pixar, Silicon Graphics, Toy Story.  Siggraph. Sony PSP / Video Games Machinima

Final Fantasy / Ghost in the Shell / Tron /
Explore: Museum of Moving Image
Interactive Art
Puppet Motel – Laurie Anderson / Eve – Peter Gabriel / Myst / collection of interactive works by the ZKM and Ars Electronica / Director / Flash / Processing : Casey Reas + Ben Fry
The final project can be either a max. 3min recorded performance, an installation, a video art piece, an experimental audio piece or a 10 page research paper. More details to be given in class. NMA: Chapter 4
13 Processing : Casey Reas + Ben Fry
14 Genetic Art and other extremes
Genetic art – Eduardo Kak - Genetic architecture, Physical Computing, Robotics, Architectural art, Jorge Orta, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Corpse Art