ART210 | Beginning Digital Arts | Summer 1 - 2009

CAS 134 | 05/26/09 - 07/02/09

Section G | Mon-Wed | 1:30p-05:45p

secheverry at | BAS 131 | 813 - 257 3769
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Class Description   Assignments
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Syllabus, goals of the class, required readings, general presentation and statistics of the students.

Chuck Csuri #1 #2 #3 #4 #5, ASCII art. Realistic imaging Vs. vectorial creation. Software and Hardware evolution, debugging. Graphic User Interface: APPLE OS. 1984 ASCII ART Personal computer milestones


• Go to and create your own BLOG for this class. Post your first feelings of the class, who you are, describe yourself and what you expect from this class

• Send me an email BEFORE THE FOLLOWING CLASS from your personal UT email account, letting me know the url of your blog.


Vector shapes, implications for design, Adobe Illustrator, resolution free, tools, layers, compatibility.

Tutorial on Youtube - bwoark

USSR Propaganda and go to the gallery || American War Posters from the library of Northwestern University (BEAUTIFUL!) || Russian Propaganda and WWII American Posters /// POST your comments about these posters on your blogs.

Learning Illustrator

• Using a self-portrait, convert yourselves into vector shapes, using a painting by numbers technique. Print them full size at 8.5x11", CMYK, vector shapes. Bring the original AI files.

• Create a Calligram in Apollinaire's way.

• Optimize these files, resize to maximum 300x400 or 400x300pixels at 72DPI, optimize them as JPG and post them in your blogs.

• Look for Illustrator CS4 tutorials on the web and post the link of your three favorite tutorials on your blogs

Filters, advanced tools. Notions of basic design, corporate image. Typography, Fonts, choice of faces. Dealing with printers, pantone colors, universal formats...

Explore Google: LOGOBauhaus

• Design 5 different versions of own logo.
• Design 5 business cards with your own logo ( two sided )


The real world translated into a digital world. Adobe Photoshop. Dove How to capture reality: digital cameras, scanners. How to alter that reality with a digital tool. RGB vs CMYK, resolution, DPI, print size vs. pixel size. Layers, tools, cropping, copying, pasting. Filters. Campaign for real beauty

PS tutorials on

• Look for Photoshop CS4 tutorials on the web and post the link of your three favorite tutorials on your blogs

• Digital Autoscopy: self portrait alterations. At least 2 different self-scanned images. Explore layer effects + PS filters

• Somewhere: place yourselves in an environment where you have never been. I will be paying close attention to the cutting and cleaning details.

• Art Project: choose your favorite painted portrait and combine yourselves with this painting.

Print them in a letter size photo quality paper at full size, CMYK 72 DPI.


Optimization of files, understanding compression via Adobe ImageReady/Fireworks. PSD Vs TIFF Vs PNG Vs JPG Vs GIF Vs PDF. Particularities of file size, differences and unique features of each format

Optimizing your images
• Optimize all the assignments produced so far for this class, resize to maximum 300x400 or 400x300pixels. Recompress them as JPG (100%, 75%, 25% and 0%), PNG / Transparent PNG and GIF (256 - 128 - 16 and 2 dithered colors). Compare the original file and pixel sizes with the new sizes. Post them all in your Blogs

Organizing and integrating the information on paper: InDesign. From the screen to reality. InDesign objects, control of text / image areas. Displaying information, flow of information. Rulers, guides


Dada Manifesto
maximalism vs. minimalism in design

• Using pixel based images, vector shapes, fonts, create two versions of your favorite poem using inDesign in a maximalist/punk way and a minimalist way, in one 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, printed on both sides of the page.

• Look for InDesign tutorials on the web and post the link of your three favorite tutorials on your blogs.

Flyers - Maximalism
Anarchy and DADA incarnated in PUNK culture, explore the wonderful photos


Optimizing files for the printed world, importing, organizing and categorizing. Collecting for output.

• Choose your favorite local restaurant. Borrow one of their menus
• Radically redesign the menu
• Bring a hand drawn / collage mock up of the way you want your menu to look like.
• Print a BW version of your menu for a final feedback session. After this session, print your final version of the menu.

8 - TIME


Understanding Motion - Frame by frame animation. Animation tools in Photoshop.
White Stripes, Peter Gabriel, BLU, Brothers Quay, Norman McLaren: Neighbours, Blinkity Blank, TV SHOW , Oren Lavie, student works: JSM, Memo, Travis, Maddox, Drake, KT
  • Create a 60 seconds / 600 frames / 400x300px / 10fps / frame x frame animation using Photoshop inspired by your audio track. Export it as a 1 minute video.

9 - TIME

Understanding Audio. Audacity and GarageBand, audio frequencies and sampling rates, Nyquist Theorem, formats, compression. Download Audacity and install in your own computers

• Using Audacity, Garageband or any other audio tool, compose the soundtrack for your frame by frame animation. The mix must contain YOUR OWN VOICE. Create sound effects and loops. Use a high quality 44.1KHz sampling rate.
10 - TIME
Understanding Video - Digital vs Analog, compression, formats, flv, youtube.

* Explore EBN #1 #2 #3
• Create a 1 minute video using your own images and any other footage you capture, with a song that you will manipulate in a unique way. 320x240 10fps. Post the results in your blog ( using youtube or directly to the blog)
11 - TIME


12 - TIME

13 - 07/01