Linear animations

Jason Maeser

Anna Hansen
1) Happy Tree Friends
2) Mashimaro
3) Queer Duck - *Watch episode 10*

Thomas Scheck

Christine Giberson
animated intro to site for Gorillaz
humorous scenario involving stick figures
visual poetry

I love you:
Strong Bad gets a virus (kinda long):
This one is based on all of his past episodes:
For more Strong Bad go to:

Christine Ramsay

Carissa Smolko
The rather disturbing Salad Fingers -
Only In Kenya -
Mr. Stabby -

Micah Betts

Sandra Heitzer
I came across this site trying to find some more traditional animations
and these are very well done.
This site has numerous animations that were all created using Flash. I
really don’t have a favorite, but they are all pretty funny. It’s worth
checking out the while site.
This site doesn’t have animations that can be viewed as quicktime files.
Instead they are screensavers, and have to be downloaded and then
previewed using System Preferences. The reggae one is my absolute favorite
animation I have come across. The use of layers and colors are absolutely
beautiful, and the rest of the animations are fun as well. I actually
found this website about 1 year ago, and it still impresses me every time
I watch the animations.

Aimee Lim